Saturday, 11 July 2015

OOTD // A Little Lady in a Big Skirt

Sunglasses - Primark // T-shirt - Abandon Ship Apparel // Leather Jacket - Miss Selfridge (old) // Skirt - Topshop (sale) // Boots - Deichmann (ancient!) // Necklaces - Shop Noxious


Hope everyone has been enjoying summer so far, although you would think it had been cancelled with the amount of summer sales just now!  I do love summer and the long days and nights it brings, but for me, summer clothing isn't something I go crazy for.  I'm not a fan of flashing the flesh as soon as the sun makes an appearance.

Midi skirts are perfect for hot summer days if your not a fan of showing off your legs, and this beauty from Topshop makes a statement too, with its structured shape and volume.   I also managed to get it on sale at £20 from £55!  Bargain!  I swooned over it when it was full price but was good and didn't buy it.  Clearly getting it on sale was my reward for being so restrained.

I have to confess I wasn't sure I was going to keep it when it first arrived.  When I put it on I felt like it swamped me and I was just this little person in a huge skirt!  Weirdly though, that's also what I loved about it!  

Keeping it was definitely the right choice but I did find it quite hard to style.  The volume of the skirt makes it difficult to wear a jacket with (jackets are my nemesis).  I knew it had to be cropped, and luckily the one cropped jacket I own, worked perfectly.  I've had this leather jacket for years and cutting the sleeves off was the best bit of  DIY alterations I've ever done.

Without a wee heel the skirt did make me look a little dumpy (damn my short legs!) so I went with some old faithful heeled boots.

A simple white tee showed off my lovely Shop Noxious accessories.  The mermaid-esque blue of the druzy necklace tied in nicely with the blue of the skirt, and my bag added another splash of colour.

Once again I've been lazy (no surprise there) and my hair is most definitely blonde now.  I quite like it though so might just keep it like this until my next visit to the hairdressers.  I've been toying with the idea of ditching the bleach after summer, as I seem to be living in a constant state of paranoia about the condition of my hair, and the amount that falls out!  Maybe it's time for a break - no (hair) pun intended!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and thanks to anyone for stopping by!
All images taken by Jennifer McKee


  1. I love this skirt soooo much! It looks absolutely amazing on you :-) xx