Sunday, 4 October 2015

Summer Holiday // New York - Part 1


It's been 6 weeks since my holiday to New York and I'm finally getting round to sharing some pictures.  Only a select few from the hundreds we took so hopefully won't bore anyone too much!  I decided to split my New York posts into two and some of you may already know what Part 2 is going to cover, but for now here's some holiday snaps which include a few outfits as well!  

I chose my Love Too True dress for a visit to the Statue of Liberty and the One World Observatory.  Probably the only time I will ever get to wear this dress with bare legs!  I pretty much lived in these trainers for the duration of the holiday, luckily they went well with most things and to be honest even if they hadn't I probably would still have worn them because comfy feet are a must when in New York.  My jewellery was either simple or non-existent whilst I was away but my favourite Noxious necklace came with me of course.

We had a day where we visited all the museums and of course I sat on the Met Steps. Who cares about the art inside! I took quite a few pictures on the steps actually....I have been very good and selected only two. One before I went in and one when I came out! I took every opportunity possible to get my photo taken there. It was one of the highlights of my trip. Sad but true!

My shorts were as a result of some DIY and I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.  They were Topshop Mom jeans that I never really wore so decided to cut them into shorts.  I think denim shorts are the hardest thing to find, or at least ones that aren't just denim hotpants, so this way I got to cut them to a length I liked.  

My two favourite things from my museum visits!  A beautiful dress from the China: Through the Looking Glass exhibit in the Met and my favourite dinosaur.  Ever since watching The Land Before Time as a kid, Three horns have always been my favourite.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge was hard going in the heat and anyone who tells you it takes 20 minutes is lying!

And there you have the best of the best of my hundreds of holiday snaps!  

The last picture is where Part 2 will start and will also feature Barry, who was for the most part of our holiday, behind the camera.  You can see Part 2 by clicking here.

We crammed so much into our week that I couldn't possibly share all the pictures but I've provided below a quick run down of how we spent our time in New York.  It was a busy 7 days but the best 7 days!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

What Lynnie-Bop did in NYC:-
  • Stayed At: The William, Murrayhill - Amazing hotel and great location.
  • Big Red Bus Company - Night Time Tour (two hours) Great way to see the city lit up at night without having to walk. 
  • Broadway - Hand to God, Booth Theatre - a dark comedy about a possessed puppet! 
  • Central Park Film Festival - Blues Brothers - probably the only thing we did during the week that was free!  
  • Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum (inlcuded in City Pass and includes access to space shuttle)
  • MOMA
  • The Metrapoltion Museum of Art (inlcuded in City Pass) - Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso....the list goes on...and of course the steps!!
  • China Through the Looking Glass (Exhibit at The Met) - the best display of designer dresses I have ever seen! 
  • The Guggenheim - The building itself is a work of art.
  • American Museum of Natural history (included in City Pass) - the dinosaurs! 
  • Top of the Rock (included in City Pass) 
  • Liberty Island (Included in City Pass)
  • The High Line / Chelsea Market 
  • Walked the Brooklyn Bridge
  • One World Observatory - 360 degree views of New York!
  • Ground Zero Memorial.
  • Shopping - Saks, Sephora, Bloomingdales, Macy's, Henri Bendel just to name a few.  
*City Pass - Gives you access to 6 attractions at a discounted price.


  1. Ah I love this! Such beautiful photos! I hope you guys had an amazing time, congrats on your wedding btw! You look so stunning, love how you've styled the dinosaur blouse! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Thanks Sophie. It was the best holiday I've been on in a while, I can't believe how much we managed to fit in. The dino shirt day was my favourite outfit of the week - except for the wedding day of course! xx

  2. Beautiful photos Lynne. So glad you and Barry had the best time. I also took a photo of the dinosaur for that exact reason - hey Sara! You are so wise about your comfy first two weeks I was in constant pain because every pair of shoes I owned rubbed which was so sad so I ended up buying a pair of Toms and have never been happier. It was like walking on air. I have no idea how Carrie Bradshaw did it?!? Lovely pics on the steps of The Met and still adore your Love Too True dress! Looking forward to the next post! Li x

    1. Thanks Lianne, yup the comfy shoes were a god send! Good choice on the Toms, I bet Carrie had flat shoes in her bag all the time for when nobody was watching! xx